To cast MAGIC on tinyvox so as to get a million paid users.

sri 9 years ago

I predict the following.

You will makie a communications effort to a market segment that will capture their willpower with meaning and co-invention. You will define a segment based on cultural, societal, and demographic images, then infiltrate and motivate those segments to spread the word for you.

You will determine who are the most likely users of tinyvox - folks going to concerts who want to tape mp3s. You will influence their perception of tinyvox's abilities to meet their needs of remembering the music they hear without having to hold up the phone and getting real mp3s out of it. You know by heart all the details of their use of tinyvox at such an event and girls love doing this stuff.

You have accurately identified your target audience's needs, values and preferences. You then need to get her to get the app and use it more often. This means getting her to put it inside a pattern.

Your buyer

Your tactics will be echoes of successful campaigns of the past.

You will rope a high-end select market.

You will re-establish your brand dominance.

You will provide will-inspiring information to folks already seeking what you sell by giving them hope.

You will get the goods on the competition and use what you know to create feature contrast arguments that your prospects can't shake.

You will sell one idea, then another, then another forever.

You will carve your will a niche in your crowded market.

You will reach several corporate select markets.

You will sell to advertisers.

You will sell by linking product identity with user identity, getting them to all want to join club tinyvox.

You will give your users tender loving care, treating your users as individuals.

You will market multiculturally and advocate your political program.

You will change the patterns of usage of your target segment.

You will alter your approach with the changing tastes of your target market by sensing and shifting with them.

You will ensure the future of your giant audience.

You will train your enthusiastic select audience.

You will write a book on the future of the reader herself with this info.

sri 9 years ago